Sketch of Westport House, captioned "Sligo House, Westport, Mayo" from Illustrated London News, May 21 1870. Sketch of Westport House, captioned Sligo House, Westport, Mayo from Illustrated London News

'A hearty welcome to all travellers!'

From your gracious host

Input Out or input/output is a vessel which with all good intent will transfer what has been sucked in through our senses out into the medium of text. Taking the form of short form paragraphs, musings, ramblings, incoherant mumblings, speaking in tongues and on occasion a longer piece if that is needed to quench the burning urge to output.

Early warning system

As it is such a young and untested piece of web flotsam please tread gently into the postings and those who would enjoy easy outrage take thee thy comfort in whisky and wine.

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